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10 slimming tips

10 slimming tips

No more dieting and intensive sport! Here are some things quite simple, painless and even enjoyable.

Tip No. 1: Bye-bye bad fats
In pastries, meats, dairy non-skimmed … They lurk everywhere! These are the bad fats, which, when consumed in excessive amounts, cause the increase of cholesterol in the blood. To identify and avoid them, we banish the biscuits and other dishes from our industrial cupboards. And we opted for the homemade, no added hydrogenated fats unnecessary.

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Tip No. 2: I prefer foods that stay in my system
Lean meats, ham fat, low fat cheese … Not only do these foods have the gift to do without the urge to snack. But increasingly, they are so difficult to digest that our body spends more energy to do than enjoy.

Tip No. 3: Long live the twists!
In addition we avoid a crisis of nerve on the scales, the twist: it’s easy and fun to prepare. A roll of aluminium, fish or meat, a few spices. And voila! The advantage is that it is not necessary to add three tons of oil to cook twists worthy of the name. By replacing the oil or butter with water, the illusion is perfect and the cooked product, especially tasty.

Tip No. 4: Operation light appetizer
Before any self-respecting cocktail, put on the tongue two menthol lozenges and let them melt. The power of smell unpleasantly distorts all the flavours. Even more enticing we discard it. Goodbye cocktail sausages!

During: First drink water to alleviate the additional calories in soft drinks. Why? Because statistically, the first drink is drunk 2 to 3 times faster than the following. Always begin with a glass of water.

Tip No. 5: the sound is doubly good
The foods richest in fibre are: bran, it absorbs fats and helps reduce cholesterol. Two tablespoons per day can reduce our fat intake. And the good news is we can put it in all savoury and sweet dishes. Another good point: it is very filling. It absorbs 40 times its volume of water. No wonder it has become the favourite food of Dukan diet.

Tip No. 6: Vinegar “yes” but cider
Little secret tip: apple cider vinegar decreases the appetite! This is surprising since it is full of minerals, calcium and magnesium. Besides it is very low in calories. Before each meal, take two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Appetite suppressant effect guaranteed!

Tip No. 7: I stimulate my serotonin
It affects our mood and our eating behaviour: serotonin (satiety hormone) can control our cravings. Starting with dried fruits, whole grains, oilseeds and even seafood- spoil yourself!

Tip No. 8: I walk, so I burn
You don’t have to run, leave on time. Or rather walk slowly but at a good pace. Why? Because the physical activity of low intensity such as walking helps burn fat more efficiently than short fast bursts of exercise.

Tip No. 9: I enjoy my curves
Choose a physical activity that gives shape and structure. The first swim, practice 45 minutes 2 to 3 times a week to define the legs and waist.

Tip No. 10: Opt for smart clothing
Not a sports fan? No worries. Today there are more and more textile moisturizers, curving and even slimming ones that allow us to reduce our cellulite, to deceive and even to build muscles.

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