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Brush Your Teeth With Coconut Oil for Better Teeth Health

Brush Your Teeth With Coconut Oil for Better Teeth Health

Brush teeth with coconut oil, not a replacement for toothpaste

Many people wonder how we gain better teeth health when brush teeth with coconut oil. But in fact, we did not say that coconut oil had been used instead of toothpaste. Instead, it refers to what we call it the oil pulling by using coconut oil, which is one way to protect tooth decay, keep your breath fresh and prevent gum disease.

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Brush teeth with coconut oil pulling really aren’t new!

Let’s imagine when you are cleaning your car’s engine before changing engine oil. You need to use engine oil for cleaning and removing any dirt in your car’s engine. In the same way, there are many billions of virus, bacteria, parasites and fungi in your mouth. That enormous amount of bacteria produce toxins that cause irritation and inflammation of the gums and teeth with bleeding. It is difficult to get rid of all bacteria from your mouth, however, it is easy by brush your teeth with coconut oil pulling. Coconut oil will act as a cleanser and will pull out bacteria and other debris in your mouth, teeth and gums.

It is almost unbelievable that just one spoonful of coconut oil can clean your teeth and help prevent tooth decay more effectively than brushing your teeth or rinse the mouth with any brand of mouthwash and fluoride without any side effects as well.

A study shows that using mouthwash is entirely proven to lower plaque on the teeth by 20-26 per cent and also gingivitis by approximately thirteen per cent. Tooth brushing decreases tooth plaque by 11-27 per cent and gingivitis by 8-23 percent. However, using coconut oil for pulling purpose is better than all of them. Facts derived from the research reveals that coconut oil pulling diminished oral plaque by 18-30 per cent and gingivitis with an incredible 52-60 per cent.

Although oil pulling could greatly reduce oral plaque and gingivitis, the dental advice recommends that it tend to be more powerful if you use oil pulling together with tooth brushing. If you want to get better with no doubt, it should be rinsed with a spoonful of coconut oil and do not eat it. You should takes about 15-20 minutes each time and then spit and rinse your mouth with water. The most suitable time for oil pulling should be done at first in the morning and before your breakfast. After you finish your breakfast, then you can normally brush your teeth. It is possible for oil pulling more than twice a day, but should be a time of empty stomach. Right before meals is excellent.

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