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Common teeth diseases

Common teeth diseases

Oral hygiene is an essential component of one’s health. At a recent American Heart Association research meeting, researchers shared findings that professional dental care can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. The team tracked more than 100,000 people for an average of 7 years in Taiwan. They found that those who had their teeth professionally cleaned at least once every two years were 24 percent less likely to have a heart attack and 13 percent less likely to have a stroke. The authors argued that regular dentist visits and oral hygiene reduces the growth of inflammation-causing bacterial.


Learn kids how to brush teeth

Learning how to properly brush your teeth, especially at a young age, is important in order to improve and maintain your oral health. Bringing your children in to see a dentist will allow them to learn the best practices for brushing and flossing and sets them on the right path for later in life. By speaking with your Agoura dentist you can learn tips and tricks to help eliminate plaque, fight cavities, and even freshen breath. When your kids are young, encourage them to hold their toothbrush with two hands to give them more support and dexterity.

They will also learn the importance of brushing and flossing teeth regularly. Kids aged to three years can be seen by a pediatric dentist. It is recommended that their parents stay with them for comfort. Problems like bad breath, bleeding gums are most common symptoms of poor dental hygiene. Floss plays a vital role in dental health of a person. The time taken to brush teeth is also important to keep kids smile white and healthy. According to many dentists, it is advisable to get kid’s teeth examined twice a year for good oral health.


Dental diseases

Gum disease

The disease comes in many forms; it can be anywhere from gum inflammation to the severe loss of both gums and teeth. When left alone, gum disease will slowly cause more and more damage to the gums, which can cause teeth to fall out in the worst cases. Gingivitis is when plaque and bacteria are left on the teeth for long enough to irritate the gums. They are usually swollen and red and will bleed often when the person is eating or brushing their teeth. Gingivitis can be easily cured. However, when it is left alone, it becomes periodontitis. This is very painful and can have a permanent effect.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

A typical disorder associated with teeth and displacement of cartilage is the TMJ, an acronym used for temporomandibular joint disorder. The pain associated with this disorder is caused by pressure and stretching of sensory nerves. TMJ pain is caused by wear and tear of temporomandibular joint due to overuse. TMJ treatment involves bite Valencia Veneers assessment, identification of ideal bite with orthotic therapy. TMJ treatment is effective in curing severe migraines and intolerable tension headaches. TMJ exercises also help in preventing clicking of jaws and strengthening muscles that pull jaws backwards. A 5-minute daily exercise regime can provide good relief from TMJ pain.

Tooth discoloring

Sometimes a tooth gets discolored after procedures like the root canal treatment. A good California cosmetic dentist will be able to tell you how you may easily get rid of the problem with veneers Some people feel that installing veneers is a very time consuming procedures. This is why they avoid this effective treatment in spite of being unsatisfied with their smiles. However, this is not true. Some California cosmetic dentists have developed methods through which the patients can have veneers installed in just two sittings. Sounds too good to be true? And what’s better, the treatment is quite affordable too.



Take care of your teeth! You will look appealing to the opposite gender, and in interviews you are able to create a positive impression. Moreover, you will look more charming with a million dollar smile. Yes, you will feel proud of your warm smiles and its effect it has on people. It is interesting to note that facial expressions are normally complex. However, a person can make out whether your smile is genuine or fake. And, no one likes a person with a fake or artificial smile. This is where the significance of teeth whitening arises. It makes your smile originally beautiful.

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