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Comprising Osteoporosis Awareness

Comprising Osteoporosis Awareness

Bones are the main structure that construct the human body to shape from head to tow and make it to step, walk and move. It derives the body machine and also decides each and every adjustment. Osteoporosis, a disease of bones can not only demolish the body to move but also can lead to many more diseases of mind.  Osteoporosis Awareness among all man and woman especially, those who are in elder age can be helpful save them from this sickness and   lead a fruitful life.

Osteoporosis can be found in the adults, especially, in the women who are in the age group of 45 to 50 or more.  However, this can also be seen in the children or young adults in some cases. The people who are chain smokers, or do an intake of a huge quantity of caffeine or alcohol can also be trapped by Osteoporosis.

 There are mainly two types of Osteoporosis, the type I is called a Postmenopausal Osteoporosis, this can be seen in the women who are in post-menopausal stage and their body reduces the development of estrogen.  The type II of this disease can be seen in the men who are above 70 years. The Osteoporosis that has occurred because of the growing age and the bone loss is called a ‘senile osteoporosis’. There are also cases where the actual reason of this disease is completely un-known; this type of Osteoporosis is called ‘Idiopathic Osteoporosis’.

The bone compactness starts growing in a human body since the childhood and in the age of 25 to 30 it matures to a final stage.  If a body does not get proper doses of all minerals as the age grows he/she suffers with a significant bone loss.  The pick of these severe bones loses leads to disease like Osteoporosis. In a case of this disease the fractures in the bones comes because of simple injuries, where in a normal condition this injury never results in fractures. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has done a revision on Osteoporosis Awareness and found that the elder patients who suffer with a hip or wrist fracture do not cure fast because of the weak bones. These patients can also develop blood clots in the body, which can also affect his/her lungs and the heart. At times, this could lead to death within a year.

Osteoporosis has the symptoms of back pains, loss in the height, fractures in the hips, breaks in the wrist parts, vertebra and other parts of the bones. It is a disease that leads to a serious decline in the strength and compactness of bones. It also can lead to fragile or peculiarly permeable bones and even a serious risk of frequent fractures. In this disease, a patient looses the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) or the accurate amount of protein and Calcium. The availability of these factors is affected by genetic features, environment of a particular place and many of the drugs or medications. Doctors say that the bone density of a woman is lower than a man hondrocream. If a person is suffering with polio, any hereditary bone illness, have carved body or excessive low height can be suspected a patient of Osteoporosis.  The patients of bad liver functions, heart disease, cancer especially related to bones can also have the sickness in the future.

Some of the well-known medical organizations like the American Medical Association, World Health Organization and the National Osteoporosis Foundation etc have said that the perfect Osteoporosis Awareness is the only remedy towards this disease.  However, if a patient gets a crack, break inside the bones or face an unbearable or constant pain should go for an immediate check-up. Basically, the doctors go for a Dual-energy X-ray or DEXA to analyze the existence of this disease in a patient. Through the X-ray, the doctors check with the exact location of the wound or weakness inside the bones.

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