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Discovering Oil Pulling therapy

Discovering Oil Pulling therapy

It is the latest therapy that is being advocated as the new panacea for all the ailments ranging from the common cold to cancer. Mr. Tummula Koteswara Rao, a retired army Lt. Colonel, is the high priest of the new therapy in India. ‘ The patients who continue to be afflicted with ailments despite having tried with different systems of medical treatments, from allopathic to homoeopathic, need not be disheartened and count themselves among those, whose days are numbered. They can not only get rid of these diseases but also regain the vitality they had lost over the years, if only they take recourse to “oil pulling“, according to Mr. Koteswara Rao. Mr. Koteswara Rao, who is now 66, cites himself and his wife as the best examples of the excellent effects of the “oil pulling” treatment that he has been recommending. Apart from his ill-health, he was a chronic patient of asthma that caused breathlessness and cold of the worst kind that induced continuous sneezing.

About Oil Pulling

The climate in Bangalore, where he has been living for the last 20 years, particularly, aggravated his problems. His wife had varicose veins on the legs, ulcers, arthritis and acute migraine. The couple had to use with these diseases for years. The numerous medicines prescribed by experts they had consulted only worsened their conditions, let alone curing them . Of course. Mr. Rao chanced upon a book-let printed and circulated by Swami Shivanand, a spiritual leader which dealt with the “oil pulling” treatment propounded by Russian doctor Med Karnack in 1991. Dr. Karach had referred the treatment as “slander simple healing process for the human body by sunflower Mr. Rao. who was in clubli-Dharwad recently on invitation, says “oil pulling” is a very simple process to be practiced before breakfast in the morning. One has to sip in a spoonful of refined edible oil, preferably that of sunflower. so wash the teeth gums by moving the oil from one end to the other for 15 to 20 minutes. While doing so. one basso holds his teeth together and ensures that he does not swallow the contents.

After completing the exercise, he has to spit the oil and brush his teeth and wash his mouth clean. What confirmed his faith in the treatment Dr. Karach had recommended via a passage he read the same day in the ‘ • Bhagawatam” which said: ‘ ‘Anything that causes the disease also cures it”. Oil and fats being the root causes of all ailments; they must, then, also cure them, he told himself and started practicing the new treatment from the very next day. He persuaded his wife also to follow suit. During the three years. since they started practicing it, it is not only that all their ailments have disappeared, but also t y am brimming with perfect health and vivacity.

He can now eat mangoes that he could never even touch for over two decades. He shows his smooth-skinned feet, toes and soles which, he says, looked like tom chappals before he began the “oil pulling” treatment. Most surprising thing, according to him, was the slow disappearance of burn marks of the size of a coin, that was there on his forehead from childhood. In his wife’s case particularly, the result has been marvelous.

he claims. Her varicose veins have disappeared, and she can now walk for hours and under the sun. without fatigue and giddiness. Walking under the sun was a nightmarish experience for her not long ago. With varicose veins, her arthritis has also vanished. Migraine her constant companion has deserted her, he says. Mr. Rao feels no indebted to Dr. Karach and his nevi treatment that he has now decided to take up propagation of the method as his life’s mission. He has spent his money for getting the copies of Dr. Karach’s booklet reprinted for circulation among the people. His two daughters and grand children to practice the “oil pulling” treatment. One of his daughters. he says, got rid of the problem of falling hair.

The treatment has already been popular in Andhra Pradesh and is catching the imagination of the people in Kuwait where Andhra migrants have carried it with them, according to Mr. Rao. He exhibits scores of letters from people, some hailing the new treatment as being very effective, and others seeking his guidance on how to go about it.

In the case of women particularly, the “oil-pulling” treatment is more useful because of their body mechanism like menstruation and reproductive system, which cause problems in addition to those of men, he says. He has a word of advice for those who wish to undergo this treatment. “While you are practicing oil-pulling, ensure that your mind is concentrated on it”. Application of mind is very important for “oil-pulling” exercise to yield good results.

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