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Osteopenia vs. Osteoporosis – Alike and Apart

Osteopenia vs. Osteoporosis – Alike and Apart

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. In this disease the bones become weak, thin and fragile and can undergo fractures very frequently and severely. Generally, osteoporosis is compared with the term osteopenia. These two terms sound the same, but they aren’t osteoporosis is a Disease, while osteopenia is not. Osteopenia is just a condition in which the bones seem weakened because of low bone mass. They are weaker than the normal bones. Osteoporosis characterizes easy bone fractures. Let’s check out their similarities and differences under osteopenia vs. osteoporosis.

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The topic of osteopenia vs. osteoporosis covers their similarities and differences. Similarities are only a few between osteopenia and osteoporosis, i.e. their correlating names and that they are bone problems related to the bones. The main difference between them is the levels of calcium that the bones possess. In osteopenia, the level of calcium is not ideal or good, but yet it isn’t too low to make the bones porous. While in osteoporosis the bones become porous due to low calcium counts. The fact that a person is suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis can be confirmed by having a BMD DEXA test done. There are certain levels of bone minerals that differentiate between osteopenia and osteoporosis. Osteopenia is a condition in which the BMD results are low on the scale, but not low enough so that the person could be classified as an osteoporosis patient.

Osteopenia can show a case of occurrence among the babies born prematurely. These creatures at the most risk of developing osteopenia, while osteoporosis is a disease seen more commonly in old people, and esp. women. Osteopenia shows no early symptoms. It can only be confirmed by a BMD test. While osteoporosis is said to be a silent killer, but it can show signs like severe backaches and postures that are not erect or stooped. Also, if there is a fracture occurs, it can be a symptom of osteoporosis, but a too late one.

Osteopenia vs. osteoporosis can also show points depending on the age of people among whom these conditions occur. Osteopenia may be there in a person since when he/she was a child and may have lived with it. But osteoporosis only occurs once the person has grown up enough to show par deficiency in calcium contents in the bones. Osteopenia is considered as a precursor to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can be an after effect of an osteopenia condition not taken care of in the beginning. The BMD calculates a T-score and if the score is between -1 to -2.5, osteopenia is the case. A T-score of above -2.5 is considered as a case of osteoporosis.

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