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Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil Gives You

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil Gives You

What is Spectrum organic coconut oil?

Spectrum organic coconut oil is manufactured by a company called Spectrum Naturals which was founded in the year 1986 by a person called Jethren Phillips. The company started off with manufacturing canola oil, flaxseed oil and then expanded its product line to organic coconut oils.

Spectrum organic oil is natural organic oil  that is prepared by from coconuts that are grown naturally in a pesticide free environment .Spectrum organic coconut oil is pure oil without any preservatives. It is much better than the normally manufactured oils which are heavily processed. Spectrum organic coconut oil contains saturated fat up to a percentage of 92 percent. This quality makes it very stable oil at normal room temperature. Spectrum organic coconut oil is an excellent option to use in place of margarine and butter and it can also be used for baking and cooking. This oil is free from trans fats.

Varieties of Spectrum Organic coconut oil are available:

Spectrum organic coconut refined oil

This kind of oil is very good for cooking because it has a high smoke point in comparison to other oils. It has a lesser flavor of coconut oil as compared to the unrefined coconut oil. It forms a good replacement for butter and margarine in recipes. Spectrum organic refined coconut oil is also used for frying and baking

Spectrum organic coconut unrefined oil

This oil is mechanically pressed out of organic coconuts in the expeller .This is the purest form of oil. Once the oil is pressed it is left in the virgin state. This kind of oil should be used to get the best flavor and nutrition from the oil.

Spectrum organic coconut oil for hair and body

It is the best oil for body care and hair care goji cream.It helps in restoring the integrity of hair and skin by providing a protective coating on the skin which will help in skirmishing the effects of heat and cold.

Spectrum organic coconut oil also helps in losing weight because it is made up of medium chain fatty acids which improve metabolism and help in production of energy. The antimicrobial properties that is due to presence of Lauric and Caprylic acid. These acids help in increasing the immunity of the body and help in preventing infections. These acids help in increasing the immunity of the body and help in preventing infections

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