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The Abdicable Connection – Osteoporosis and Bones

The Abdicable Connection – Osteoporosis and Bones

Osteoporosis occurs when the bone tissue measure in a person’s body is less than the same in a normal healthy body. It is basically a bone disease where the bones become weak and porous enough to encounter fractures. Osteoporosis is different from arthritis and it does not show symptoms of pain until a fracture is caused. We know that bones are the ultimate victims of osteoporosis. Let us now discover the major relationships between osteoporosis and bones.

Understanding our bones 

Bones are complex structures of the body, thought of very wrongly. They are assumed to be hard and solid, but in reality they are confined of a tissue made up of several minerals, each present in different density. They can be considered as the depositories of minerals in the body, which expects its mineral nutrition from these bones. The cross section of a cut bone shows the outer structure, protective and hard, made up of minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Inside this is contained the bone marrow set in a honeycomb structure. Collagen fibers make up the bones in the base and then the layered crystals of calcium and phosphate are fixed. The bone achieves its pressure and load withstanding ability from these crystals. A bone observed under a microscope shows these:

These processes of bone make up and break down is uninterruptedly carried on in the body.

The negative role of osteoporosis

After getting acquainted with the bone structure and processes, let us know how osteoporosis and bones are related. Osteoporosis is introduced when the absorption of calcium-like minerals, from the bones by the body, crosses the normality. The areas in the bones from where calcium is absorbed become hollow and hence there are pores left in these places. This affects the inner strength of the bones, making them fragile. After a certain age, like 50 years, people tend to lose more calcium from bones due to pause on the secretion of hormones that aid the process of bone formation. Also, due to over secretion of somehormones, like the parathyroid hormone that supports the bone break down, the bones suffer from osteoporosis. Either way, the bones gradually are seen to become weak, fragile, and more and more prone to fractures and breakage.

Exclusion of osteoporosis 

Bones cannot be helped in a better way than getting them rid of osteoporosis. There are many kinds of treatments like consumption of supplementary calcium and vitamin D along with having them included in daily food. For patients who suffer from osteoporosis due to hormonal deficiency or imbalance, there are treatments like hormone replacements or gland eliminations. Another way, probably the best, is performing weight bearing exercise i.e. activities like running, skipping, walking, jogging, etc. What happens during this is that when we bear our own body’s weight, the bones experience compression and the vacant areas from where the minerals have been excavated – the so called pores – gradually get removed due to merging activity of the surrounding tissue. This way, exercises help a lot in the elimination of osteoporosis and bones live happily ever after.

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